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Introducing the Artist Series
The ESV Single Column Journaling Bible, Artist Series is a collection of journaling Bibles meant to celebrate the treasure of God's Word through the artistic talents of his people. These Bibles feature commissioned cover artwork designed by Christian artists such as Peter Voth, Ruth Chou Simons, and Joshua Noom. Each artist offers a visual entry point focused on a particular biblical theme or passage, setting a tone of reflection as readers engage with the Bible.

Each of these decorative hardcover Bibles retains the features of the original ESV Single Column Journaling Bible, such as cream-colored paper, a single-column page layout, and lines in the margin for note taking. These features coupled with captivating cover artwork make each Bible conducive to creative engagement with God's Word.
Tag New Release
Author ESV
Availability From 2021-08-17
Item Code 9781433572678
Item Reference 502472
Page Count 1360
Publish Date 2021-03-31
Type Bible-H/Cove

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