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We will do almost anything to avoid facing our worst fears. But when tragedy strikes, and you can no longer hide, what do you do?

Many experience abuse, financial disaster, serious illness, death of loved ones, and other common traumas making them believe they'll never move past the pain, but through research and true story compilations, author Anita Agers-Brooks offers emotional, practical, and spiritual insights from experts and people who have survived intense trauma--and have made it through seemingly impossible situations.

Getting Through What You Can't Get Over offers relatable stories from people who have "been there" and lived to see a much brighter day as well as a section of "Insider Tips" that provides insights on emotional healing, practical actions to take, and scriptures for spiritual comfort and encouragement to help you work through any struggle.

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Author Agers-Brooks, Anita
Availability Available
Availability From 2020-04-26
Item Code 9781683229506
Item Reference 490928
Page Count 256
Publish Date 2019-05-01
Type Paperback

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