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London's suburbs. Latin America's megacities. West Africa's villages.
China's skyscrapers. North America's homes.
Addiction is a worldwide and at home epidemic.

A powerful look at the gospel for the addicted, Hope in Addiction helps us think about what it means to be the Church in light of this growing--and heartbreaking--epidemic.

How did we get here? And how can we find freedom from addiction? This book is not just about drug or alcohol abuse. It's about gambling addictions, porn dependencies, workaholism, and internet addictions. It's a book about how slaves to addiction become children of the Living God and family in the community of God. Wherever they are. Whatever has enslaved them.

With clarity and compassion, Andy Partington brings together personal stories, compelling research, and frontline ministry experience. This book is for Christian leaders, influencers, counselors, and educators. For the friends and family of those gripped by addiction. And, for those who themselves battle addiction. This book is for all of us.

There is hope in addiction. Hope for freedom. Hope for wholeness. Hope for eternity.
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Author Partington, Andy
Availability From 2023-08-01
Item Code 9780802423283
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Page Count 208
Publish Date 2023-04-04
Type Paperback

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