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Publisher Marketing:
This is a message for those who are broken, for those who have lost hope, and those who are trying to find their way. In the pages of this book, you will see a mirrored reflection and an instant replay of a not-so-favorite movie entitled "YOU!" As you begin to read through the pages, you'll find that there is someone else like you: someone who has been broken, whose life had been torn apart, whose heart was unable to forgive. A person who had not been able to truly love, not even herself, because of the hurt, bitterness, and anger that comes from a broken life. If you are marred by the situations of your past, if your circumstances have you so confused that you don't know which way to turn, if your heart has been broken and you can't seem to mend it, then you are not alone. I was that person who felt like all hope was gone. I felt like no one cared if I lived or died. My emotions were all over the place at times because all I really wanted was someone who would love me. After years of searching, I was introduced to Jesus, and the broken pieces were mended back together. Truly, my life has taken on a new beginning. God gave me a new day just when I thought it was all over, that all hope was gone. I saw myself as a broken glass, shattered, spread out into tiny pieces, I began to pray, to cry out to God to let it all be over: "I can't take it any more Lord. It's so hard. It's too much to bear," as I sobbed tearfully, asking God to take the pain away, to take me away! It was at that time that God let me know it wasn't time for departure, but it was time for restoration. God stepped in. He took those broken, shattered pieces of my life, put them back together, and restored purpose to my life.
Tag New Release
Author Brown, S Renee
Availability From 2022-02-21
Item Code 9781642584806
Item Reference 503227
Page Count 102
Publish Date 2018-05-17
Publisher Christian Faith Publishing, Inc
Type Paperback

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