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This helpful resource equips you to have important conversations with your daughter about her identity in Christ, her self-image, and how to appreciate and care for her body according to God's design.

Popular culture bombards girls with messages that they are not pretty enough, not skinny enough, or just not good enough.

How can you counter these lies and help your daughter see the truth--that she is a beautiful child of God, perfectly created to bring Him glory?

Dannah Gresh, bestselling author and creator of the True Girl live events, shows that instilling body confidence in your daughter starts with you. Each chapter includes activities, conversation starters, and even fun recipes that will help you and your daughter engage in meaningful talks about God's purpose for her body and how to develop a healthy, positive view of herself.

Help your daughter develop body confidence and watch her grow and thrive.
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Author Gresh, Dannah
Availability From 2021-11-18
Item Code 9780736981934
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Page Count 144
Publish Date 2021-12-07
Type Paperback

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