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Broken Vows Shattered Lives is the story of Steve Mentzer as he journeyed with pain, grief, and shame of a Christian going through divorce. After ten years of marriage and six weeks after ordination, Steve found his marriage and ministry in shambles. Saddled with thoughts of unworthiness, he left the ministry for four years and focused his energies into finding the reasons for his downward spiral. The book starts with the beginning of divorce-marriage. Helping others find the reasons for their feelings in divorce he chronicles his thoughts and actions alongside valuable help for those like himself wondering if they have failed God. Broken Vows Shattered Lives has been used in counseling with other believers and is the basis for A Journey Through the Land of Divorce led by Dr. Mentzer. This book and seminar serve the express purpose of helping those hurting Christians to know the graciousness and love of the Father once again. Emotional pain is so powerful and damaging, but even when we are in that dark pit, we need to look to God to light our way. Dr. Mentzer used the principles in Broken Vows Shattered Lives to teach me how to know God more intimately, and how to find hope, healing and love through Jesus Christ. The lessons shared by this godly man can help anyone recover from their brokenness by trusting in God's words. The wisdom in these passages has been a gift for me, and one that has continued to bless me in many ways, throughout the years. Sherry B. Chesapeake, Virginia Dr. Mentzer's book provides a thoughtful, insightful, and useful tool for those who have experienced the pain of divorce and for those who counsel families in crisis. T. McClain, Psy.D., Clinical Psychologist Wheeling, West Virginia
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Author Mentzer, Steven
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Page Count 132
Publish Date 2009-06-18
Type Paperback

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