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Now You're Speaking My Language from multimillion selling author Gary Chapman ( The Five Love Languages) encourages husbands and wives to offer steadfast loyalty, forgiveness, empathy, and commitment to resolving conflict, thus encouraging each other in spiritual growth. With great clarity, Dr. Chapman shows how communication and intimacy are key points in developing a successful marriage by focusing on these principles: Lasting answers to marital growth are found in the Bible, Your relationship with God enhances your marriage relationship, Communication is the main way two become one in a marriage, and Biblical oneness involves sex, but also intellectual, spiritual, emotional, and social oneness.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1. Communication: The Road to Intimacy
Chapter 2. Unhealthy Patterns of Communication
Chapter 3. Five Levels of Communication
Chapter 4. Contract Marriages
Chapter 5. Covenant Marriages
Chapter 6. Covenant Marriages: Dream or Reality?
Chapter 7. What's So Important about Intimacy?
Chapter 8. Getting to Know Yourself: Experiences and What They Mean Chapter 9. Getting to Know Yourself: Emotions, Desires, and Choices Chapter 10. Learning the Art of Self-Revelation
Chapter 11. Getting Ready to Grow: Priorities and Goals
Chapter 12. Making Time for the Important
Chapter 13. Identifying Our Differences Chapter 14. Making Differences an Asset
Chapter 15. Why Do I Get So Defensive?
Chapter 16. Overcoming the Barriers of Defensiveness
Chapter 17. Intimacy: Naked and Unashamed
Chapter 18. Then Came Clothes Chapter 19. Emotional Intimacy
Chapter 20. Intellectual Intimacy Chapter 21. Sexual Intimacy
Chapter 22. Spiritual Intimacy
Chapter 23. Why Didn't Someone Tell Me?
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Author Chapman, Gary
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Publish Date 2014-01-01
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