Sit along side your little one and share the delights as you meet Ernest and his friends... before being introduced to someone special in this delightful children’s picture book.

'He would chase the other ducks away with a slow waddle, a HISS and a waggle of his tail.'

At the end of the book, there displays a page of insects - to be found throughout the book, along with a page of facts about the four duck breeds in 'The Boss of the River', perfect for a young school project.

A classic, quality book for children aged 0 to 100 to hand down the generations.

“It was my quiet post-Covid launch, a sign was put out. How exciting it was to get a comment from my first public sale, “I have a son with Asperger’s who goes over every day to see ‘Red Face’… so very special. Thank you”. It made the whole long process of creating this wonderful book worthwhile, it had helped one child… I smiled to myself… it’s already a success.” —Nicolette Parsons
Tag New Release
Author Parsons, Nicolette
Availability From 2021-06-29
Item Code 9780473516673
Item Reference 502146
Publish Date 2020-07-01
Publisher Ruby Plum Ltd
Type Paperback

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