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Debbie Dart, a twelve year old girl lives in Auckland New Zealand with her parents. Her father is having problems at work and wants to follow his passion, so the family ask God what to do. God answers in a most unusual way, telling him in a dream to move to just outside of Christchurch, where it actually snows, and to wait up to four months until something happens. God also tells him of two plots of ground to purchase, but when Debbie's Dad looks at the first plot he has second thoughts, until the family looks with him at the second plot. They could not believe their eyes! During their four months waiting for something to happen, they take a holiday in the South Island and discover things that they did not know about each other. Tragedy strikes, threatening their lives and faith. The outcome of this tragedy affects their future and many people's lives forever.
Tag New Release
Author Douglas, Lyndon
Availability From 2021-08-09
Item Code 9781535041034
Item Reference 502266
Page Count 52
Publish Date 2016-08-27
Type Paperback

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