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Demystifying Revelation aims to remove confusion about the end times, delving into one of the most perplexing books of the Bible, examining conflicting theories and making sense of them.

Genetic engineering, robotics and automation were unknown even 50 years ago, but hints of them can be found in Revelation, hidden in the language of the first century. Many commentaries on Revelation were written by Bible scholars with a good knowledge of Greek, but with little or no knowledge of modern engineering or technology.

As someone who works with technology, Graham Missen writes from a unique perspective, surveying end times thinking and using his knowledge to bring fresh insight to what the Bible predicts.
Tag New Release
Author Missen, Graham
Availability From 2022-10-10
Item Code 9780473643973
Item Reference 504380
Page Count 386
Publish Date 2022-09-01
Publisher Self Published
Type Paperback

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