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Are you worried about the future? Bewildered by the book of Revelation? Confused by different end-times theories? Disillusioned by date setters?

End Times Revisited presents an exciting new perspective on the Bible's prophecies. It does not set a date for the end of this age, but outlines with crystal clarity the sequence of events waiting to be fulfilled, and how to recognize and be prepared for what lies ahead.

Discover overlooked keys into how the Bible's end-times prophecies interlock with awe-inspiring consistency. Together they reveal a monumental 14-year sequence, that solves mysteries which have puzzled the church for centuries.

Don't be confused about the end times any longer. Come to experience the understanding, hope and peace God intends for you in this pivotal time of history. Get your copy of End Times Revisited today!

On an exciting journey through End Times Revisited you will discover:
How the end times do not fit into just 7 years, and how this resolves long-standing contradictions

How the Bible reveals an additional 7 years after the Rapture

How the 14-year sequence has been prophesied, including the full timeline in Daniel alone

How the prophetic template of Jewish marriage reveals the age-ending sequence

How God's Appointed Times are set to interlock with the end of this age, in exact order

How prophecies in Matthew and Revelation align perfectly, in structure and content

How three pivotal events will indicate the start of the end-times sequence

How the day and hour of the Rapture will remain a mystery

How to understand "The Day of the Lord", God's wrath, and how these reconcile with his love

How Jesus taught us to live during the end times through his letters to the 7 churches
...and much more!

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Author Parker, Charles
Availability From 2021-08-21
Item Code 9780473558642
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Page Count 378
Publish Date 2020-12-22
Type Paperback

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