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Learn to partner with the innumerable angels in the heavenly realms!

The Holy Spirit spoke a powerful word to Pastor Tim Sheets:

When you raise the bar, I'll raise the anointing. When my heirs raise the bar, I'll pour out a new Pentecost greater than the outpouring in the book of Acts.

The Bible says that all Christians have been brought into a heavenly dimension because of Jesus' blood. Being born again doesn't simply secure your place in Heaven; it makes Heaven accessible right here, right now. This heavenly access includes "innumerable angels!" (See Hebrews 12:22.)

Dr. Tim Sheets is a bestselling author, apostolic leader, and biblical authority who teaches everyday believers how to engage God's army of angels. In this dynamic new book, Sheets helps you recognize different categories and ranks of angels, and the vital roles they play in your daily life.

In Angel Armies on Assignment, Tim Sheets helps you...

Identify different orders, categories, and ranks of angelic beings.
Recognize the supernatural roles that each kind of angel plays.
Discover the purposes of God by discerning the different kinds of angelic activity.
Flow with the Holy Spirit's movement as you partner with His angel armies.
Operate in alignment with God's "supernatural standard."

When you learn how God's angels operate, you can partner with them to release Heaven's plans and purposes over your life!
Tag New Release
Author Sheets, Tim
Availability From 2021-07-20
Item Code 9780768453966
Item Reference 502211
Page Count 224
Publish Date 2021-01-19
Type Paperback

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