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Pursuing God really is an adventure--one that can get extreme, one you'll never tire of.

Becoming a young man after God's own heart is a lot like climbing a mountain. You'll find all sorts of challenges on the way up, but the awesome view at the top is well worth the trip.

Real success in life--the kind that counts with God--starts by discovering God's priorities for you. These include...

building your faith
choosing the right kinds of friends
getting along at home
winning the battle over temptation
making right choices about the future

Once you get started on this journey, you'll never be the same!

Includes new and revised content.
Tag New Release
Author George, Jim
Availability Available
Availability From 2020-04-26
Item Code 9780736959780
Item Reference 449156
Page Count 208
Publish Date 2015-04-01
Type Paperback

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