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Stop Allowing Demonic Curses Access to You and Your Family

Are your prayers going unanswered? Have you been suffering with no respite or breakthrough? Does it feel like the devil is opposing you at every turn? These are just a few signs that generational curses are at work in your life.

Don't be fooled: The curses flowing down your earthly bloodlines can--and do--harass you in the here and now. Yet through the work of Jesus, your Advocate and Intercessor, you are fully equipped to break every curse holding you back.

Having experienced freedom in his own life and lineage, apostle and bestselling author Robert Henderson takes you to the Courts of Heaven, guiding you through the process of annulling demonic curses and clearing the way for breakthrough and victory.

In this biblical and accessible guide, he equips you to:
Identify signs and symptoms of curses operating in your life.
Apply the legal work of Jesus in the Courts of Heaven to demolish bloodline curses.
Make breakthrough decrees.
Release the voice of Jesus, Your Advocate, over every curse holding you back from victory.

Renounce and revoke all generational curses today, and watch the floodgates of Heaven open over your life--and the lives of your family!
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Author Henderson, Robert Thornton
Availability From 2023-10-09
Item Code 9780768474664
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Page Count 112
Publish Date 2023-08-01
Type Paperback

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