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Back Cover of Jacket:
God sent a message!
The Hebrew language and the DNA of humans were planned to link up by our Creator God before He created anything. A link has been hidden in human DNA to reveal who the Creator was. Knowledge of this mystery was especially chosen or the times we live in, times of discovery of many hidden things made possible by the invention of, for instance, computers, microscopes, and the electron microscope, which enabled the discovery of DNA.
Declaring the End from the Beginning reveals miraculous proofs that the Tanakh (the Old Testament) is spoken by God,and men wrote down exactly what He said. There are three such proofs that will be shared throughout these pages.
The first proof involves straightforward mathematics.
The second proof involves equal letter spacing, or ELS, in the Tanakh, which God allowed to be fully discovered with the invention of the computer.
We will save the third proof for the pages of the book. We hope you enjoy the discovery!
Tag New Release
Author Peak, Rose & Farrell Mervyn
Availability From 2023-06-02
Item Code 9781941512609
Item Reference 505073
Page Count 136
Publish Date 2023-04-01
Publisher Self Published
Type Paperback

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