Bundle of N295G & N296G. Hand-woven 0.7" triangle pendant with black glass beads and 18K gold-plated stainless steel beads on 18K gold-plated stainless steel chain. 18" in length with a 1.3" extension chain.18K gold-plated stainless steel chain. 16" in length with a 1.3" extension chain. #N303.

It only takes a small spark of hope to ignite courage in the trafficking hubs of Asia. The Eden Outreach team speaks the truth that a new, brighter future is possible and support is available if they dare to dream.
The Salt and Light Collection highlights one of our core beliefs that the tiniest pinprick of light permeates even the darkest places of the world. Yuan Yuan is a woman who strengthened this belief when a simple scrap of paper, coupled with her immense courage, gave her a lifeline to escape from a hopeless situation.
At a young age, immense responsibility was placed on Yuan Yuan to provide for her poverty-stricken family. After unsuccessfully trying to find a job in the city, a rickshaw driver suggested a job in a massage parlor. Unfortunately, this was only a cover and Yuan Yuan was kidnaped and forced, with extreme violence and cruelty, to work in prostitution. While suffering from depression and considering suicide, Yuan Yuan met our Outreach team and felt hope at their words of rescue for the first time in years. Her story of escape after this chance meeting still inspires us to push on in our Outreach as we see that not all light can be overcome by darkness.

Each piece of Eden jewellery is designed and handmade by survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Each design carries a true story of a courageous woman who has been rescued and is within the Eden program.

The profits from each of your purchases directly benefits the women in Eden’s comprehensive program which works to be light, bring hope and share love with trafficking victims.

Every woman and girl in the Eden program is paid a full day’s wage. She makes jewellery part-time, and the remainder of her hours are spent in counselling, creative therapies such as dance and art, and education and vocational training classes. The jewellery-making process itself is therapeutic, creating pieces that carry stories of hope and courage into the world is empowering for survivors. This structure allows our beneficiaries to focus on healing without the pressure of earning enough income for themselves or their families.
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