Sterling silver 0.4" sterling silver pendant set with cubic zirconia on sterling silver posts. #E325S.

The stunning ‘Time to Rise’ pieces are inspired by Hong Ans's story of empowerment. After a traumatic and abusive childhood and losing everything from the economic impacts of Covid-19, Hong An was tricked by a close friend and was trafficked to Myanmar. She was taken on a traumatic and terrifying 10-day journey through the mountains of Vietnam into Myanmar. Hong An faced betrayal, abuse and so much more. She and her sister relived the brutal abuse they grew up with but this time they couldn’t hide from their captives. However, through a kind-hearted Chinese woman, who was able to communicate with Hong An, she and her sister were able to miraculously escape and after a long process and being many weeks in prison, she was referred to Eden.

At Eden, she was empowered to rise up from the ashes of defeat and find strength, freedom, and hope. She was able to heal from her trauma and inspire the 92 rescued Vietnamese women that arrived after her, that there is hope in healing. She showed them that this is the time to rise. In the midst of chaos, fear, and corruption we must rise against injustice and use our voice to pierce through voices of oppression.

Each piece of Eden jewellery is designed and handmade by survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Each design carries a true story of a courageous woman who has been rescued and is within the Eden program.

The profits from each of your purchases directly benefits the women in Eden’s comprehensive program which works to be light, bring hope and share love with trafficking victims.

Every woman and girl in our program is paid a full day’s wage. She makes jewellery part-time, and the remainder of her hours are spent in counselling, creative therapies such as dance and art, and education and vocational training classes. The jewellery-making process itself is therapeutic, creating pieces that carry stories of hope and courage into the world is empowering for survivors. This structure allows our beneficiaries to focus on healing without the pressure of earning enough income for themselves or their families.
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