18K gold-plated stainless steel chain with 0.6" Baroque pearl. 22" in length. #N290G.
*The Baroque pearl is characterized by an uneven surface and is irregular or non-symmetrically shaped. Therefore the pearl that you receive when you purchase this Eden necklace will be unique and not necessarily the same shape as that which we have pictured here.

Su Su’s smile is contagious the day her family and Eden staff gather to celebrate her baby’s 100 day birthday. In that moment, the journey of faith that brought her here feels so much nearer than the day her suffering began.

At eleven, she left school for a factory job. However, she didn’t earn enough to support her family. So she was excited when her boss told her about a better job in China. The young girl trusted his promises but found herself living in the nightmare of being sold over the border as a bride. After being locked in a hotel room for days, she escaped. Anti-trafficking officials helped her return to Myanmar, where she learned she was pregnant at Eden.

Just like the night she hid under a tree to escape her husband’s family, Su Su knew this was another moment to change her story. She embraced counseling and started a job making jewelry.

We hope the Walk in Faith Collection inspires you to step out in faith and take action to change your story and those of trafficking victims like Su Su as you share their stories and seek justice.

Each piece of Eden jewellery is designed and handmade by survivors of human trafficking and sexual exploitation. Each design carries a true story of a courageous woman who has been rescued and is within the Eden program.

The profits from each of your purchases directly benefits the women in Eden’s comprehensive program which works to be light, bring hope and share love with trafficking victims.

Every woman and girl in our program is paid a full day’s wage. She makes jewellery part-time, and the remainder of her hours are spent in counselling, creative therapies such as dance and art, and education and vocational training classes. The jewellery-making process itself is therapeutic, creating pieces that carry stories of hope and courage into the world is empowering for survivors. This structure allows our beneficiaries to focus on healing without the pressure of earning enough income for themselves or their families.
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