This gorgeous taupe It Is Well Handy-sized Faux Leather Journal emphasizes the tranquility and beauty found in the bold, ageless, and peace-bringing lyrical quote, “It is well with my soul.” Backed by a heat-debossed branch of delicate orchids rests a geometric box containing the timeless lyric, which is written in brush-script and foiled in dappled silver. Journaling is an exercise that brings tranquility and understanding, and therefore the journal being used should match the goal of the writing: a well-ordered soul. This product is from our extensive It is Well Collection that attempts to bring small bits of peace and loveliness into daily life with both useful and beautiful items that all sing the same message: “It is well with my soul!”
Tag New Release
Author Journal
Availability From 2020-08-19
Item Code JL401
Item Code 2 9781642722468
Item Reference 500609
Page Count 240
Type Leather Flex

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