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Many of us have read in the Bible about how faith moves mountains—even Jesus Himself said it—but what exactly is faith, and how do we have faith when we feel as though faith is far gone? Especially in the times we live in today, where mountains of stress, health, finances, career, and relationships seem so insurmountable.

Where does faith come in, in the midst of these real-life issues that stand in front of us?

Child of God, if you feel like you’ve blown it, that you’ve gone too far for God’s grace to reach you, and feel like you don’t have faith to believe God anymore, then let this book speak to you about what it really means to have faith. Not the feel-good faith that’s only good on the good days and gone the moment life turns up the heat.

But faith that is real, raw, and authentic. And you can learn how to possess it.

In Joseph Prince’s book, Give Me This Mountain, go on a 4-week journey with the Lord as you discover powerful truths about God’s ways of faith through the life of Caleb and other inspiring men and women of the Bible. Learn how to navigate life’s adversities and be encouraged in this fight of faith with practical handles to own the Word.

Engage with thought-provoking questions and compelling activities that will guide you to fully possess God’s promises for your life and go from barely surviving to actually thriving!
Tag New Release
Author Prince, Joseph
Availability From 2020-11-12
Item Code 9789811454929
Item Reference 501215
Page Count 269
Publish Date 2020-01-01
Type Paperback

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