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Jonathan, age sixteen, due to attend college in six months to study graphic art, has an amazing dream that he can fly. It haunts him, because in the natural he is afraid of heights. During that day at school the dream becomes stronger and stronger in his thoughts, till he hears a voice, just a whisper, say to him, "Jonathan, fly for Me and spread My Word." He realizes that it is God speaking to him, so he asks if a person could fly in real life, and God replies, "With God nothing is impossible." The story follows his exploits as God teaches him to fly, the consequences of the way he travels overseas, his romance, his life threatening adventures as he travels the earth and into space to help people, and how he becomes a millionaire, proving that nothing is impossible for God.
Tag New Release
Author Douglas, Lyndon
Availability From 2021-08-09
Item Code 9781515349600
Item Reference 502271
Page Count 120
Publish Date 2015-08-28
Type Paperback

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