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Green in the Desert propels you into the world of C.J. Reynes through real life stories of challenge, disappointment, joy and danger as she shares her experiences from living in two very different cultures while putting God's promises into action in her life. Following God's call on her life and then facing death, false accusations, grief, fear and misunderstanding, C.J. describes the situations she found herself in and the keys from scripture she used to thrive in her circumstances. These keys are clearly outlined and can be applied to your own life as you hear what C.J. has done to face the hardest challenges of life.

This book demonstrates that we don't have to be 'super-saints' to thrive with Jesus during deep trials. Each chapter begins with a story of God's miraculous provision when difficulties were faced, and then concludes with a Scriptural principle that was learned or used at the time. The author desires to "show" God's faithfulness in practical ways, rather than "tell" about him. Get hope to survive and faith to thrive in your hardships!

C.J. is emphatic that God can do extraordinary things through ordinary people-like her AND YOU-who trust him. Accessible to readers of almost all ages, C.J. will delight you with her own tales in the walk of life but leave you with gold in the keys that have brought her so much joy.
Tag New Release
Author Reynes, C.J.
Availability From 2021-09-27
Item Code 9781777661526
Item Reference 502777
Page Count 140
Publish Date 2021-06-06
Publisher Mof Publishing
Type Paperback

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