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Hermie doesn't have stripes. He doesn't have spots. In fact, he doesn't have anything special like everyone else. But together with his friend, Wormie, they talk to God about their troubles. Why do they have to be so plain? Will they ever be special?

Master storyteller Max Lucado conveys deep truths of God's love - how he makes each one unique - with simple, straightforward style that even the youngest child can understand. With vivid and heart-warming illustrations, it's the perfect way to engage young minds with a spellbinding story and the message of God's special purpose for each of His children.
Tag New Release
Author Lucado, Max
Availability From 2021-09-20
Item Code 9781400301263
Item Reference 502721
Page Count 16
Publish Date 2002-12-15
Type Board Book

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