Life gets messy sometimes. When relationships break down and you're deeply hurt, it can feel impossible to move forward. But the Bible has wisdom for a way through. Author Wendy Alsup helps us find it in the story of Joseph and his brothers.

Find space to process your emotions, explore what repentance, forgiveness and reconciliation actually look like, and see how peace, freedom and fruitfulness really are possible, even when certain things can't be fixed.

Readers will also be encouraged by the reminder of God's ultimate plan for reconciliation and can look forward to being part of it in the new creation.

Includes present-day examples and stories of lives transformed by the power of forgiveness, including the author's own struggles.
Tag New Release
Author Alsup, Wendy
Availability From 2021-12-06
Item Code 9781784986865
Item Reference 503033
Page Count 144
Publish Date 2022-01-31
Type Paperback

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