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A GREEN NOSE....How silly, thought Punchinello. It wouldn't make him faster, stronger, or even smarter. It would only make him greener - and make him look just like all the other Wemmicks!
Why would he want that when he knows Eli made each of them different for a reason? But when Punchinello stops visiting Eli regularly, a painted nose somehow doesn't seem as foolish anymore.
Now more than ever, Punchinello nneds to hear his maker say, "Ill always help you be who I made you to be."
Just like Punchinello, we all want to fit in. To be accepted by the crowd. But at times that may mean we either have to look and act like others - or risk being rejected.
Tag New Release
Author Veggie Tales
Availability From 2021-03-08
Item Code 023755044860
Item Reference 501609
Type Dvd

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