‘Looking back over 29 years of marriage, I now recognise how perfectly God has matched Godfrey and me together. But Godfrey didn’t come in the package I’d expected. I wonder how many have turned away from marrying someone because they didn’t meet their expectations.’
An extract from ‘Is Marriage for Me?
“I know that many readers will find hope and courage in June’s story. Their storyline may be different… but the two main characters are the same – a person with a deep longing, and a loving, faithful God.”

Rosie Bloom – Author of the Barn Chronicles
Tag New Release
Author Dooney, June
Availability From 2020-12-23
Item Code 9780473555016
Item Reference 501396
Page Count 138
Publish Date 2020-12-01
Publisher June Dooney
Type Paperback

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