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Connect with Christ Like Never Before

What if you could witness the life of Jesus from His birth to resurrection--as if you were there?

And imagine a personal tour guide helping you understand and apply it all to your toughest problems in this complex age.

Twenty years in the making, Jesus Christ, His Life and Mine reflects R. Christian Bohlen's award-winning skills as an instructional designer plus his thirty years in ministry and church leadership, resulting in this easy-to-read, vivid experience with Jesus Christ, the Son of God. Carefully researched and biblically based, this non-denominational book is suitable for all Christians, Bible study group participants, your family members, and friends.

You'll love how this modern approach to practical faith helps you:

Find more connections between you and Jesus than you thought possible.
Double-down on your commitment to believe in Jesus (and learn how).
Use a powerful visualization technique to love and follow Jesus more.
Get energy into your spiritual life (instead of religion in a rut).
Learn how you can consistently rise above the negativity around you.

Bonus: For those who struggle with the idea of faith, there's a special chapter with fresh points to ponder and non-judgmental recommendations.

Start reading now and feel the power of Christ grow in your life.

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Author Bohlen, R Christian
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Availability From 2020-04-26
Item Code 9781949572001
Item Reference 489792
Page Count 256
Publish Date 2019-04-01
Type Paperback

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