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Use Bible Questions & Answers for Kids to confidently answer any question young children can throw at you! Can God do anything? Can He bring dinosaurs back to life? Does God know what I am thinking? Dave Strehler guides you on answering these and other similar questions from a biblical worldview in Bible Questions & Answers for Kids. The whimsical design on the matt laminated cover features a large air balloon and trees with friendly smiling faces. The title is written in bold white and yellow lettering and highlighted in green and red. Bible Questions & Answers for Kids. Challenging questions that kids ask about God and the Bible. The full-colour interior pages continue the fun cover design with engaging graphics. The author poses short questions and answers that young children commonly ask. Brightly coloured speech bubbles and multiple-choice questions help the reader follow along with the content. Never be caught off guard again! Bible Questions & Answers for Kids make great family Christmas gifts for your adult children but will also come in handy for Sunday School teachers or youth leaders. Bible question and answer book,
Ages: 6-10 Questions,

Author Strehler, Dave
Availability From 2024-01-25
Item Code KDS789
Item Code 2 9781432134686
Item Reference 506012
Page Count 196
Publish Date 2021-08-10
Type Paperback

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