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Kids have questions about the Bible. . .
. . .here are answers--1,001 of them!

How do you make the Bible interesting and understandable for 8-12-year-olds? Give them The Big Book of Bible Questions for Kids: 1,001 Things Kids Want to Know about God and His Word.

This beautifully designed and illustrated book covers the entire Bible--Genesis to Revelation--answering important questions on
books and authors
people and places
words and ideas
and much more

Each page features a "block" of four related questions and a pertinent image, walking kids through the entire Bible in an interesting, age-appropriate way. Designed to make scripture come alive for young readers, The Big Book of Bible Questions for Kids might just create a lifelong love of God's Word!
Tag New Release
Author Sumner, Tracy
Availability From 2022-06-01
Item Code 9781643529660
Item Reference 503604
Page Count 256
Publish Date 2021-08-01
Publisher BARBOUR
Type Paperback

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