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God wants to give you super incredible strength! Strength to love others. Courage to stand up for what's right. Boldness to share about Jesus. Each week you will strengthen your faith as you learn about our amazing God and what it means to live bravely for Him! This action-packed, full-colour devotional for kids ages 6-9 is unique! Each of its 100 devotions includes a relatable story and fun activities on God's truths. It features 200 mind-bending puzzles, word play, and more!

Easily use this devotional throughout the year with over fifty weeks of devotionals focusing on the super powers God gave you! From having amazing feats of joy to unconditional love that can cut through walls of bitterness and unforgiveness, power through each action-packed devotion as you experience Jesus swoop in to save the day!

Did you know God sent Jesus on an epic mission to save us and he's sending you on one too? Each week, fly through two smashing devotionals that include:
A fun, age-appropriate, and relatable story
Scripture verse, perfect for memorizing
Prayer to read aloud and proud
4 Hands-on activities (includes mind-bending mazes, journaling, puzzling word games, drawing, cool crafts, family activities, etc.)

You don't have to fly through the air to be a true hero by showing God's love to others.

100 Topics Covered with Important & Age-Appropriate Themes:
The Beatitudes
The Fruit of the Spirit
Biblical Love (1 Corinthians 13)
Names and Attributes of God

Kid-Approved Devotions!

Author Michelle Howe designed this unique devotional just for kids, with input by kids just like you! With the help of her two grandsons, she handpicked Scriptures, activities, and prayers to engage even the shortest attention spans with God's Word and ways.
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Author Howe, Michele
Availability From 2024-01-25
Item Code 9781628627800
Item Reference 506029
Page Count 320
Publish Date 2018-09-15
Type Paperback

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