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No one can pray for your child better than you can.

You see your child on their best days--and also on their worst. You know how they're wired and what makes them unique. Your love for them knows no bounds. Yet expressing the feelings in your heart and in your mind can be challenging.

Songwriter and Dove Award winner Tony Wood has crafted prayers for many of the desires we have for our children. In Lord, Help Me Pray for My Kids, Tony has collected a prayer for each day of the year. Focusing on a fresh topic each day, he covers such topics as these:
Safety: Will You keep them so close in Your care that no plan formed to hurt them will ever prosper?
Friends: May there always be someone in every season of their lives who is a trusted and trustworthy confidant.
Siblings: I pray that You will guide them to choose peace, love, and belief in one another.
Anger: May they never allow their anger to go unchecked or unacknowledged.
Forgiveness: May they first bless their offenders by forgiving them and then bless them by praying for their spiritual condition.
Missions: Would You give my children a spirit that sees their schools, sports teams, and circles of friends as potential mission fields?

Start to pray with increasing authority and passion as Tony Wood helps you express the desires of your heart for your kids to a listening heavenly Father.
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Author Wood, Tony
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Page Count 384
Publish Date 2023-11-07
Type Paperback

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