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Renowned Bible teacher and #1 New York Times bestselling author Joyce Meyer teaches readers to love the people in their life who are hard to love.
We're never going to be able to prevent people from saying or doing things that hurt our feelings. We will always have opportunities to get offended. But if we do things God's way, we can choose to save ourselves a lot of misery and hardship. This doesn't mean we allow people to abuse us. No, there is a time for confronting people and dealing with situations. However, the Bible commands us to love our enemies and forgive those who have wronged us, even when it feels impossible.

Everything the Lord asks us to do in the Bible is ultimately for our good. In fact, when we choose to love our enemies and forgive those who have hurt us, we are actually helping ourselves more than anyone else. Because whatever the Lord commands us to do, He is going to give us the power of the Holy Spirit to accomplish it--and that includes loving and being good to difficult people! God's love flowing through us is strong enough to melt even the hardest hearts, so use kindness as a weapon to overcome the meanness in people.

Table of Contents:
Chapter 1: What in the World is Going On?
Chapter 2: The Greatest Thing in All the World
Chapter 3: Loving People who are hard to love
Chapter 4: The Character of Love
Chapter 5: Becoming a Peacemaker
Chapter 6: The Danger of Anger
Chapter 7: Disagree Agreeably
Chapter 8: Avoiding Strife
Chapter 9: Love is Not Easily Offended
Chapter 10: Are You Angry at Yourself?
Chapter 11: Can't You Be More Like Me?
Chapter 12: Please Accept Me!
Chapter 13: Adjust Yourself to Other People
Chapter 14: Let It Go
Chapter 15: For the Love of God
Chapter 16: The Armor of Light
Chapter 17: What is Your Opinion?
Chapter 18: It Is Just Too Hard
Chapter 19: We Are All Created Equal in God's Eyes
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Author Meyer, Joyce
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Page Count 240
Publish Date 2022-09-13
Type Hardcover

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