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In the third book of the Micah's Super Vlog series based on JellyTelly's popular animated web show, Micah and his friends learn the importance of honesty and of believing the best about each other.

When Armin's sketchbook, Lydia's lunch, and Micah's shoes go missing at school, will the gang turn against each other before discovering the truth?

Based on the popular JellyTelly show, Micah's Super Vlog, in book three of this series things mysteriously go missing at school. Accusations fly and friendships are put on the line. Faced with the struggle, can Micah and his friends learn to believe the best about each other, and work together to uncover who (or what) is really to blame?
Tag New Release
Author McGuire, Andy
Availability From 2020-07-14
Item Code 9781546026570
Item Reference 500298
Page Count 240
Publish Date 2019-10-08
Publisher Jellytelly Press
Type Paperback

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