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Here is an opportunity to document those highlights of your life so that your own personal story can be told providing others with a better understanding of who youare and enabling them to remember you in an intimate way. My Legacy is an interactive journal that asks simple but provocative questions and will inspire you to remember important events, circumstances, and feelings in your own life. It also provides an incentive to evaluate your time used thus far and how to make better use of the time you have left. Presented as a unique gift to older loved ones, this journal will encourage them to pass along their heritage to you and future generations. What a great gift in return as you learn from their experiences and discover the importance and value of the treasured moments of their life.

About the Author
Rowan McRae became a believer in 2002, and previously met her husband, Stephen, and his three children—Clare, Holly, and Blake—in 1994. Together, they have two children of their own—Tori and Jack. Although trained in Microbiology and Immunology, Rowan’s main focus over the last few years has been raising their five children. However, with the youngest starting school soon, she hopes to spend more time serving the Lord in whatever way He directs her.
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Author McRae, Rowan
Availability From 2024-02-14
Item Code 9788889127063
Item Reference 506091
Page Count 126
Publish Date 2004-01-01
Publisher Destiny Image Europe
Type Paperback

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