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Your Bible, your history books, and even your newspaper headlines are full of God shouting a powerful message of hope and healing. The same author who designed 24,900 miles around the planet, also calculated 24 hours around your clock, and predetermined 24 elders around the throne. But unless you know what God is consistently speaking through the number 24, you miss the message. In fact, you don't even know there is a message. Numbers That Preach is a fun look at the otherwise hidden sermons God is declaring through His mathematical lingo. For more than twenty years, author Troy Brewer has studied Biblical text and collected interesting facts, figures and statistics that show powerful meaning in the numbers around us.
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Author Brewer, Troy
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Availability From 2020-04-26
Item Code 9781593305161
Item Reference 486832
Page Count 220
Publish Date 2007-11-21
Type Paperback

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