What does it mean to be a small missional community in a deeply secularized society?

Drawing on a wide range of practical insight with mission in one of the most secular contexts of the West, Pilgrims and Priests blends this experience with a thorough analysis of relevant biblical, historical, sociological, theological and spiritual sources that bear relevance to missional identity in the challenging circumstances presented by the secular West. It presents a hopeful perspective, rooted in a realistic appraisal of reality and rich theological reflections.

The result is an important resource for thinkers, practitioners and all who are fascinated by the future of Christianity in the West.
Tag New Release
Author Paas, Stefan
Availability From 2024-02-03
Item Code 9780334058779
Item Reference 506084
Page Count 384
Publish Date 2019-11-30
Publisher SCM Press
Type Paperback

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