Amos (Perese) Ale - Head Hunter founder to servant leader
Andrew Stroud - World Superbike champion finds true riches
Brock Davis - Rebel police detective becomes muso for the Master
David Laumatia - Senior Sergeant, role model and prophetic artist
Daz Chettle - From the gutter to inspiring the next generation
Gini Shepheard - From rejection, abuse and gang life to social worker
Hillary Kieft - Through abuse and abortion to pro-life activist
Jaewyn Major - On a mission to give prostitution the red light
Joshua Calles - Family man, Police Constable and BROKEN rising star
Louise Kapene-Green - The korowai maker whose heart speaks through her hands
Marina Young - Pro-lifer and author, The Unforgotten Babies
Mark Mitchell - Warrior of Zion leader who danced with the devil
Omri Jaakobovich - Israeli Paratrooper and founder of HIT International
Owen Pomana - Ex-hardman with a heart for the homeless
Rosita Hendry - World-class acrobat and circus superstar
Stephanie Harawira - Leader of the Pacific Pearls movement
Talakimoana Hehepoto - Ex-Mongrel Mobster and hope-bringer
Tania Butler - Widow of Chris Crean from the movie RESOLVE
Trent Membrey - Journey from meth hell to minister
Tuhoe ‘Bruno’ Isaac - Ex-Mongrel Mob leader and author of True Red
Tag New Release
Author Balcombe, Janet
Availability Available
Availability From 2020-04-26
Item Code 9780473414030
Item Reference 488742
Type Paperback

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