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Publisher Marketing:
God confirmed Smith Wigglesworth's ministry through powerful signs and wonders. A few of these included the restoration of hearing and sight, the creative formation of missing limbs, the disappearance of cancerous growths, the recovery of mental wholeness by the violently insane, and the raising of several people from the dead. His words continue to provide spiritual, financial, emotional, and physical healing as they inspire and build faith.
You, too, will find that you can:

Do exploits for God
Conquer fears that have defeated you
Receive the Master's healing touch
Take authority over Satan
Be an effective soul winner
Find God's power for daily living
Tag New Release
Author Liardon, Roberts
Availability Available
Availability From 2020-04-26
Item Code 9781603740838
Item Reference 467106
Page Count 857
Publish Date 2008-09-08
Type Hardcover

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