In a beautiful rural setting just outside the city of Tauranga, New Zealand, lies an unassuming Christian training centre founded in 1969 - Faith Bible College - affectionately and simply known to many as 'Faith'.

The great 20th century apostles, Derek Prince and David du Plessis, prophesied the impact of this place even before it was birthed.

For over 50 years, hundreds of graduates have been thrust to the four corners of the earth to demonstrate the reality of the Kingdom of God.

But this book is more than just a historical account of a Bible college. It's also the story of the extraordinary journey of Des and Carley Short as they founded and faithfully nurtured this vital centre for missions and ministry training.

What they and the many staff and students experienced can only be described as mind-blowing - perspectives were shifted and expanded, and great things happened.

This is a story that will challenge you to the core and help launch your own journey of faith into a realm where the seemingly impossible can become possible.

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Author Rodgers, Garry
Availability From 2023-11-29
Item Code 9780473638573
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Page Count 180
Publish Date 2023-11-01
Type Paperback

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