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Friends. Siblings. Social media. Everybody seems to have an opinion about how you should think! But what does God say? Discover true joy and peace as you focus your thoughts on God's promises! This devotional for girls ages 8-12 will help girls learn to fix their thoughts on what the Bible says is important--what is true, honorable, right, pure, lovely, admirable, excellent, and worthy of praise--among other things!

Packed with 13 weeks of devotions, relatable stories, Scriptures, and over 40 fun activities & crafts, the True Heart Girls Devotional: Thinking God's Way helps tween girls ages 8-12 apply wisdom from Philippians 4:4-9 to their daily lives.
This Girl's Devotional for Tweens is Packed with 13 Weeks of Stories, Bible Verses, and More!

The book begins with a message in a puzzle. As the girls work through each of the thirteen weekly devotions, they discover one more missing piece to the puzzle. The devotional has these fun activities scattered throughout it:

Memory Verse--age-appropriate Bible verse just for tweens.
Relatable Story--they'll enjoy fun, relatable stories about girls their age. The stories feature five main characters who are woven throughout the book.
Did You Know?--fun facts and information relating to Bible truths.
Bible Story--stories about biblical people who found true joy and peace through thinking God's way.
Key Bible Promise--with a hint to the secret message.
Prayer--a simple prayer they can repeat and adapt.

Thinking God's Way! Devotional is Filled with Fun, Hands-On Activities & Applications:

Enjoy having an interactive devotional that will help girls dig deep into Bible truths and learn to apply them to their live in fun ways!

Your Turn--helps connect Bible truths to real life.
Try This--the "Did You Know?" information translated into a fun, hands-on activity.
Do It!--these engaging activities vary from week to week and include games, quizzes, recipes, crafts, etc., all relating to the stories and verses.
Write about It--intriguing journalling prompts.

Encouraging Devotions. Through a relatable story, Bible connection, and interactive pages, girls will discover God's truths that will make a difference in their lives and help them deal with the sometimes overwhelming emotions and peer pressure that come with growing up.
Helps Girls Connect with God. From God's faithfulness and strength to His promises to guide and save us, each story and activity is a touch point that leads tween girls back to God's Word, character, and principles. Key Bible values and lessons are hidden throughout the devotional for girls to discover!
Fun and Interactive. Tween girls will enjoy stories about girls their age, as well as activities such as games, quizzes, recipes, and crafts.
Relevant and Relatable. Tween girls identify with the five main characters as they learn and grow through life's experiences.
Bible-Based. The suggested Bible reading will point readers to God's Word and help them dig deeper into each promise.
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Author Kyle, Sherry
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Item Code 9781628627848
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Page Count 224
Publish Date 2019-11-01
Type Paperback

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