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One of the most beautifully diverse, whimsically illustrated storybook Bibles available today, introducing children to important ideas and unique characters of the Bible while clearly showing how everything fits together to tell one big story--the story of God's love for his children.

The Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible presents many of your favorite stories from Scripture alongside refreshingly diverse character illustrations that depict what people in Bible times more accurately looked like. This Bible also includes non-traditional stories that are typically excluded from most children's illustrated Bibles.

With stories from both the Old and New Testaments, The Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible starts at the very beginning with the magnificence of creation, includes Moses parting the Red Sea, the spies in the promised land, King Solomon and Queen Sheba, Jonah being swallowed by a giant fish, and the birth, death, and resurrection of Jesus.

Uniquely presented in a way that connects each individual story to the next, The Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible builds your child's understanding of the cohesive story of Scripture and God's enormous love for them. And the practical lessons, reminders, and truths found throughout the stories make this an invaluable resource for parents and teachers.

The Tiny Truths Illustrated Bible will help your children discover:

Who God is--the one who made everything and everyone
Who we are--his children, whom he loves unconditionally
What we were made for--to love God and everyone else
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Author Rivard, Joanna & Penner, Tim
Availability From 2020-04-26
Item Code 9780310764311
Item Reference 491100
Page Count 224
Publish Date 2019-02-05
Type Hardcover

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