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Who were the 12 men who were the closest to Jesus? The Twelve Disciples pamphlet takes believers inside this circle to learn more about these men, their backgrounds, their strengths and weaknesses, their purpose, and their mission. The disciples' personalities, their encounters with Jesus, and the lessons we can learn from each are presented in this bestselling glossy, full-color pamphlet. This bestselling resource is an excellent tool for teaching new and longtime believers about those who walked with Jesus and what it takes to be a disciple of Jesus today. Glossy and full-color, every pamphlet fact has a Scripture reference. Size: 8.5x 5.5 unfolds to 33 long. Fits inside most Bible covers.
What do you know about the disciples who learned at Jesus' feet? The Twelve Disciples pamphlet offers a close-up look at the 12 plain ordinary men who Jesus trained to care for his church: Peter, James (son of Zebedee), Andrew, Philip, Bartholomew, Matthew, Thomas, James (son of Alphaeus), John, Thaddaeus, Simon the Zealot, and Judas Iscariot. The pamphlet presents the life and ministry of Jesus' 12 disciples in a convenient and easy-to-use, side-by-side comparison chart. Teachers will appreciate the thoroughness of the resource and its ease to teach. Students will gain a new insight into the men whose lives and faiths were shaped by walking with Jesus. Pastors or discipleship leaders may want to purchase one of these pamphlets for each church member. What were the backgrounds of the disciples? What was their collective purpose and mission? Here are a few of the facts people will find at a glance in The Twelve Disciples: Each of the disciples were from the Galilee region except forJudas The disciples were Jesus' main focus of instruction Jesus knew their strengths and their weaknesses Jesus trusted them to carry God's message of redemption to the end's of the earth This bestselling pamphlet reveals the personality and characters of the disciples, for example, Peter was impulsive and courageous whereas John was vengeful and bold. Each disciple had unique and personal encounters with Jesus that speak to the roles of disciples today Peter was called to be a fisher of men (Matthew 4: 19) James was with Jesus in the Garden of Gethsemane (Matthew 26: 36-46) Andrew told Jesus about the boy with five loaves of bread and two fish (John 20: 19-25) Thomas affirmed that Jesus was Lord and God (John 21: 2-7) Most believers can provide a few answers and details about the 12 men, but how about the other 39 followers of Jesus mentioned by name in the New Testament? Yes, there are 39 other key persons who were significant to Jesus such as: Cleopas, Joanna, Judas (brother of Jesus), Mary Magdalene, and dozens of others. The Twelve Disciples pamphlet also provides five key steps to being a disciple of Christ.
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Author Rose
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Item Code 9781890947934
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Page Count 12
Publish Date 2004-03-26
Type Pamphlet

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