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In his classic Surprised by the Power of the Spirit, Jack Deere looked at the reason why many Christians (including himself at the time) struggle to believe in miraculous gifts, and he provided a groundbreaking biblical defense of the Holy Spirit's speaking and healing activities today.

In Why I Am Still Surprised by the Power of the Spirit, the former Dallas Seminary professor revisits his earlier subject matter with fresh insight and even stronger conviction: the Scriptures teach that God is healing and speaking today just as he did 2,000 years ago.

Having almost entirely rewritten Surprised by the Power of the Spirit, this new edition comes at a time when the theological landscape has dramatically changed, and most evangelicals do believe in all the gifts of the Spirit. But many of us are still unsure how to understand those gifts, and there is much confusion today on what it means to be filled with the Spirit.

This book is for those familiar with Deere's work and for newcomers alike. In it, he:
Explains the nature of spiritual gifts, defining each of them.
Offers sound advice on discovering and using spiritual gifts in church.
Tells documented stories of modern miracles and encounters with demonic powers.
Examines the New Testament use of the phrase "filled with the Spirit" to show why and how God still fills his servants with the Holy Spirit.
Introduces the newest literature defending and explaining the gifts of the Spirit.

With the care of a scholar and the passion of personal experience, this new edition builds upon the legacy of Surprised by the Power of the Spirit and the profound impact it's had among Christians of many traditions.
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Author Deere, Jack
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Page Count 320
Publish Date 2020-04-07
Publisher Zondervan
Type Paperback

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