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In the town of Wemmickville there lives a Wemmick named Punchinello. Each day the residents award stickers--gold stars for the talented, smart, and attractive Wemmicks, and gray dots for those who make mistakes or are just plain ordinary. Punchinello, covered in gray dots, begins to feel worthless. Then one day he visits Eli the woodcarver, his creator, and he learns that his worth comes from a different source.

Max Lucado's beautiful story reminds us that we are special to God just the way we are. Parents and children alike will enjoy this touching portrayal of an eternal truth. This bestseller has sold millions of copies and is now available as a special paperback gift edition and includes captivating illustrations by Sergio Martinez.
Tag New Release
Author Lucado, Max
Availability From 2021-08-16
Item Code 9780891079316
Item Reference 502425
Page Count 32
Publish Date 1997-06-30
Type Hardcover

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