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How many survivors will it take for us to see the life behind the abortion?

Today's culture would have us believe that abortion is simply a choice, a right, a controversial argument, and a religious and political issue of pro-life vs. pro-choice. It has become easy to think of the unborn as disposable products of conception--medical waste. But all of that changes when that "product of conception" defies the odds and arrives into this world as a living, breathing human being.

In Abortion Survivors Break Their Silence, we hear the true stories of abortion survivors whose resilience and courage humanize this discussion of "choice" and life emerging from the womb. They are flesh and blood people who, against all odds, survived abortion attempts and have dramatic, touching stories of their own. These stories often begin in shame and secret, but emerge to become inspiring dramas of hope, love, and forgiveness.

This book includes
Stories of ten abortion survivors
A compassionate look into the pressures many women feel to abort
Accounts of medical personnel who worked in the abortion industry

Abortion Survivors Break Their Silence stirs the heart, challenges readers, and humanizes the sanctity of life in concrete and transformational ways.
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Author Ohden, Melissa
Availability From 2024-01-12
Item Code 9781646070343
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Page Count 208
Publish Date 2024-01-09
Type Paperback

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