For as long as Romy can remember, his home has been a gypsy wagon; his life, travelling the Welch countryside with Ma and Pa.
Adventure, challengers, sacrifice and surprises are around every corner...
One day his life changes forever.
A new world awaits him as they head for Ma's home, and there he discovers the meaning of courage, family and love.

"A charming book that leaves you with a warm, happy glow.
Romy's childhood is rich with the smell of earth and horses, and the companionship of his devoted dog. Their adventures will fill the yearning of a modern-day reader for the rural life of times gone by." Author Rosie Boom.

The Adventures of Romy is such an amazing book. It is just lovely. I could not put it down for days. I read it over and over for days. My mum and I read it together. Even she loved it.
It is the best book I’ve ever read, especially because it inspired me to learn the fiddle.
Joshua, aged eight

My children loved your book and hope you will write more. Thank you for bringing smiles to my family.
Rachel, mother of six

I loved it! It’s very adventurous!
Pearl, aged six

I loved it so much I wish I wrote it. That was a wonderful story.
Ruby, aged eight
Tag New Release
Author Foote, Penelope
Availability From 2021-08-16
Item Code 9780473501754
Item Reference 502424
Page Count 212
Publisher Homewood Publishing
Type Paperback

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