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An easy-to-carry Bible that easily fits in a purse or backpack with cross references allowing this Bible to be an ideal choice to take with you wherever you go.

Reading the Bible on the go? This compact-sized edition was designed with you in mind. Even though this Bible is small, you don't have to compromise size for readability. Plus, thousands of cross references are conveniently located at the end of verses to help you make connections throughout Scripture.

Trusted by millions of believers around the world, the NKJV remains the bestselling modern "word-for-word" translation. It balances the literary beauty and familiarity of the King James tradition with an extraordinary commitment to preserving the grammar and structure of the underlying biblical languages. And while the translators relied on the traditional Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic text used by the translators of the 1611 KJV, the comprehensive translator notes offer important insights about the latest developments in biblical manuscript studies. The result is a Bible translation that is both beautiful and uncompromising--perfect for serious study, devotional use, and reading aloud.

Features include:
Line-matched for improved clarity when reading
Verse-style Scripture format starts each verse on its own line so it's easy to navigate the text
Verse-by-verse cross-references give you to find related passages quickly and easily
Words of Christ in red help you quickly identify Jesus' teachings and statements
Portable personal-size format allows this Bible to be a perfect travel companion wherever you go
Durable and flexible Smyth-sewn binding allows the Bible to lay flat wherever you are reading
Concordance for looking up a word's occurrences throughout the Bible
Full color maps show the layout of Israel and other biblical locations for better context
Ribbon markers make it easy navigate and keep track of where you were reading
Easy-to-read extra-large 7.5-point NKJV Comfort Print
Author NKJV
Availability From 2024-05-17
Item Code 9780785233534
Item Reference 506359
Page Count 1856
Publish Date 2020-09-29
Type Bible-Im/Lea

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