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The full text of the trustworthy New King James Version with robust study notes, vibrant full-color images, and dozens of study resources to help you grow deeper in your faith.

With more than 2 million copies sold, it's no secret that The New King James Study Bible, Full Color Edition is a reliable guide for your journey into God's Word. This beautiful full-color Bible provides a complete resource for study, including over 1 million words of custom content contributed by top evangelical scholars. Over 1,000 articles, notes, word studies, photos, illustrations, maps, and other tools, combined with the accuracy and clarity of the New King James Version, make this Bible a perfect choice to help you deeply engage and understand Scripture.

Features include:
Beautiful full color throughout.
Over 250 photos and illustrations of important places, artifacts, and pieces of art.
Exclusive study tools that help you understand, appreciate, and live out what you read:
Book introductions, book outlines, and timelines provide important and helpful background information, historical context, and content overviews.
15,000 Bottom-of-the-page study notes offer over 850,000 words of clear and compelling commentary.
345+ Word studies with Strong's numbers give insight into the meaning of the original Greek and Hebrew words.
150+ Bible Times and Cultural notes deepen understanding of the historical context surrounding Scripture.
110+ Articles to clarify and expand upon key concepts in Scripture.
Indexes and concordances that are easy to use and make it easy to find what you are looking for:
Concordance of over 6,000 terms with 37,000 verses.
"Teachings and Illustrations of Christ" of over 400 subjects addressed by Jesus.
"Prayers of the Bible" of nearly 100 prayers in the Bible, who prayed them, and what they prayed about.
"Subject Index to Annotations and Features"
Articles that offer tips and information to get the most out of your study of the Bible:
"How to Understand what the Bible Means by What it Says" offers a four-step process for rightly interpreting the Scriptures.
"Thinking about the Study of the New Testament" provides an introduction to the New Testament manuscripts.
"The Geography of the Gospels" gives an overview of the major cities and regions mentioned in the Gospels.
"The Bible as History" addresses the importance of reading each book of the Bible in its historical context.
"What Is Theology?" defines theology and proposes that theology must begin with the gospel.
Tables that provide helpful information at a glance:
"Harmony of the Gospels" details the life and ministry of Jesus in chronological order showing where each event and teaching occur in the Gospels.
"From Biblical Book to Contemporary Hook" provides the major theme, Christ-focus, implication, and helpful questions to prompt thinking and discussion for all 66 books of Scripture.
"Parables of Christ" shows where you can find 39 parables in the Gospels.
"Miracles of Christ" shows where you can find 37 miracles in the Gospels.
"Prophecies of The Messiah Fulfilled in Christ" provides 43 Old Testament prophecies and where they have been fulfilled in the New Testament.
"Monies, Weights, and Measures"
32,000 references linking to over 73,000 related passages and nearly 8,000 translation notes allow you to follow important words and thoughts throughout Scripture.
140+ Maps and charts throughout the Scriptures and in the back to show a visual representation of locations and themes in the Bible.
Easy-to-read large 9-pt print size

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