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Isobel Kuhn questioned whether God even existed.
Mary Slessor grew up in a slum with an alcoholic father.
Joni Eareckson broke her neck during a diving accident
Corrie Ten Boom just lived with her family in a little watch shop in Harlaam, Holland.

What is so special about these girls and how did they change their world?

Isobel Kuhn believed in God and then obeyed his call to travel to Asia to tell the Lisu people about
Mary Slessor, put herself through evening classes and eventually became one of the first white women to venture into the interior of Africa.
Joni Eareckson struggled through her treatment and endless hospital visits to become the inspiration to many Christians.
Corrie Ten Boom spent most of her life just living in Holland until the Nazis started killing the Jews. Corrie Ten Boom put her life on the line to save the lives of many Jews in the hiding place, a hidden room behind her wardrobe in a little watch shop in Haarlem, Holland. Mary Slessor (Missionary in Africa), Corrie Ten Boom (hid Jews in Nazi Germany), Evelyn Brand (Missionary in India),
Joni Eareckson,
Gladys Aylward (Missionary in China), Jackie Pullinger (Missionary in Hong Kong),
Amy Carmichael (Missionary in India), Elisabeth Fry (Worked among the sick, prisoners and homeless),
Catherine Booth (Co-Founder of The Salvation Army)
Isobel Kuhn (Missionary in Asia)
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