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A gripping tale of passion, treachery, betrayal, and grief, yet also a story of hope, faith and love and a merciful God whose ways are not ours.

Set in the early years of the twentieth century, when the greatest expectation for a woman's future was marriage and children, Rose longed to be wanted and loved, but no one seemed to want her.

Until the day she has a riding accident and is rescued by success-driven Henry, a childhood friend and someone she secretly admires. For a moment it seems possible they will share a life together and she might have the family she longs for.

But just when their friendship is blossoming and Henry proposes to Rose, World War 1 breaks out in Europe and the local men begin to enlist.

At first, Henry is spared from going to war because, as a farmer, he's regarded as an essential food provider. But when he's given a white feather as a symbol of cowardice, he makes the decision to go, to prove he is an honorable man.

Suddenly everything changes for the couple and Rose discovers a conventional life has become even harder to attain for herself than she imagined.

Can the future that had been within Rose's grasp eventuate? Will going to war give Henry the honor he is looking for? Or will Henry's embittered sister ensure neither is possible?

Find out in Book 1 of the Coin Trilogy
Tag New Release
Author Dawn, PD
Availability From 2023-11-10
Item Code 9780473565329
Item Reference 505869
Page Count 288
Publish Date 2021-11-08
Type Paperback

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